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Welcome to Kehuna.org, the official website of the Jewish priesthood. We are Igud HaKohanim – ‘the association of priests’ – the original and authentic priestly descendants of biblical Ahron HaKohen, who was chosen by the G-d of Israel to officiate as high priest along with his descendants forever – ברית מלח עולם – an everlasting covenant of salt.

As the foremost kehuna organization run  by kohanim (Jewish priests); our mission is advancing the application of kehuna – the Jewish priesthood – as the world moves forward to the messianic era when peace and the spirit of the G-d of Israel will blanket the earth.

Kehuna has been a fundamental part of mankind’s relationship with the almighty G-d of Israel since the worlds creation.  It has been a part of the deep-rooted heritage and history of the Jewish people since and even before יציאת מצרים -the exodus from the land of Egypt, and continues to drive an important role in Judaism today.

Welcome again to our site and we hope you enjoy your visit.

Mitzvah to kohanim to sound silver trumpets

Did you kow that kohanim have a mitzvah (commandment) to blow silver trumpets in times of joy and calamity? The mitzvah to ...

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Birchat Kohanim

Birchat Kohanim, also called Nessiat kapayim (the lifting of the hands), is the blessing said by the kohanim and directed ...

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Our Pidyon certificate provides an eye-striking eternal message to the bchor of his responsibility to talmud torah and yirat shamayim.

Pidyon HaBen Certificate

A pidyon certificate is a great way to always remember the special moment of performing this once-in-a-lifetime mitzvah.  Whether you ...

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Judean date palm sprouted from ancient seed.

Ancient seed

You may have heard the most amazing story of the Judean date palm; During 1963-1965, excavations at Herod the Great's palace on Masada, Israel, ...

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Vitiligo; Is this the whitening the torah talks about?

Se'eth שאת

Se'eth, the second and less intense nega than the bahereth, can be an immediate indicator of tumah. The whiteness intensity of ...

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Twenty-four mishmarot

Before the inauguration of the second bet hamikdash, Dovid HaMelech and Tzadok the kohen gadol drew lots dividing the kohanim into twenty ...

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