Welcome to Kehuna.org, the educational website of Igud HaKohanim, the foremost kehuna organization run  by kohanim; our primary focus is today’s kohen and advancing the application of kehuna – the Jewish priesthood.

Kehuna has been a fundamental part of mankind’s relationship with the almighty G-d of Israel since the worlds creation.  It has been a part of the deep-rooted heritage and history of the Jewish people since and even before יציאת מצרים -the exodus from the land of Egypt, and continues to drive an important role in Judaism today.

Kehuna -as much as it is relevant to Judaism today- is also a central theme in the third bet hamikdash, the ultimate redemption of בני ישראל, and the messianic-era where the spirit of peace and unity will prevail among the nation of Israel and all of mankind.

We pride ourselves in delivering to today’s kohen a comprehensive database of what the Torah and halacha expect of today’s kohen. Here you will find a viable means of connecting with us and to other kohanim and to the rich torah and halacha-based heritage of kehuna.

the torah of challah - front cover image

The Torah of Challah - A Review of Giving Challah to the Kohen

The Torah of Challah is being remembered; Chazal wanted that the torah of challah should never be forgotten - שלא תשתכח ...

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Mitzvah to kohanim to sound silver trumpets

Did you kow that kohanim have a mitzvah (commandment) to blow silver trumpets in times of joy and calamity? The mitzvah to ...

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Birchat Kohanim

Birchat Kohanim, also called Nessiat kapayim (the lifting of the hands), is the blessing said by the kohanim and directed ...

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Scalp or beard nega נתק

A nega in the beard or hair, called a nethek נתק, may be what is commonly known as AA or ...

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Our Pidyon certificate provides an eye-striking eternal message to the bchor of his responsibility to talmud torah and yirat shamayim.

Pidyon HaBen Certificate

A pidyon certificate is a great way to always remember the special moment of performing this once-in-a-lifetime mitzvah.  Whether you ...

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Judean date palm sprouted from ancient seed.

Ancient seed

You may have heard the most amazing story of the Judean date palm; During 1963-1965, excavations at Herod the Great's palace on Masada, Israel, ...

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