Wel­come to Kehuna.org, the edu­ca­tional web­site of Igud HaKo­hanim, the fore­most kehuna orga­ni­za­tion run  by kohanim; our pri­mary focus is today’s kohen and advanc­ing the appli­ca­tion of kehuna — the Jew­ish priest­hood.

Kehuna has been a fun­da­men­tal part of mankind’s rela­tion­ship with the almighty G-d of Israel since the worlds cre­ation.  It has been a part of the deep-rooted her­itage and his­tory of the Jew­ish peo­ple since and even before יציאת מצרים –the exo­dus from the land of Egypt, and con­tin­ues to drive an impor­tant role in Judaism today.

Kehuna –as much as it is rel­e­vant to Judaism today– is also a cen­tral theme in the third bet hamik­dash, the ulti­mate redemp­tion of בני ישראל, and the messianic-era where the spirit of peace and unity will pre­vail among the nation of Israel and all of mankind.

We pride our­selves in deliv­er­ing to today’s kohen a com­pre­hen­sive data­base of what the Torah and halacha expect of today’s kohen. Here you will find a viable means of con­nect­ing with us and to other kohanim and to the rich torah and halacha-based her­itage of kehuna.

On Yom Kippur morning, the kohen is to was his complete hand up until his wrist -  ברכת על נטילת ידים is said.

Yom kip­pur min­hagim for kohanim

There are two unique min­hagim (cus­tom­ary actions) applic­a­ble to a kohen for the spe­cial day of Yom Kip­pur, this arti­cle is …

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Mitz­vah to kohanim to sound sil­ver trum­pets

Did you kow that kohanim have a mitz­vah (com­mand­ment) to blow sil­ver trum­pets in times of joy and calamity? The mitz­vah to …

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Bir­chat Kohanim

Bir­chat Kohanim, also called Nes­siat kapayim (the lift­ing of the hands), is the bless­ing said by the kohanim and directed …

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Scalp or beard nega נתק

A nega in the beard or hair, called a nethek נתק, may be what is com­monly known as AA or …

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Our Pidyon certificate provides an eye-striking eternal message to the bchor of his responsibility to talmud torah and yirat shamayim.

Pidyon HaBen cer­tifi­cate

A pidyon cer­tifi­cate is a great way to always remem­ber the spe­cial moment of per­form­ing this once in a life­time …

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Judean date palm sprouted from ancient seed.

Ancient seed

You may have heard the most amaz­ing story of the Judean date palm; Dur­ing 1963–1965, exca­va­tions at Herod the Great’s palace on Masada, Israel, …

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