The shochet’s responsibility
‍‍יא מנחם אב ה תשעב

The mitzvah of Giv­ing the fore­leg cheeks and abo­ma­sum to a kohen is one of the 248 positive mitzvot, but who’s…

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Makirei kehuna -a history and halachic analysis
‍‍ד מנחם אב ה תשעב

In it’s orginal chazalic form, makirei kehuna (“recognizers of kehuna”) is an unofficial agreement where residents of a given town or members…

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Rambam Yomi -Shabbos Table Publication
‍‍יט תמוז ה תשעב

Welcome to the landing page of Rabbi Yonason Kahanovich’s weekly Rambam publication.  Below are the links to download each weekly edition…

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