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Choosing a kohen

Do you need a qualified kohen in your area for your pidyon haben? let help you – get in touch with us and we will promptly connect you with a vetted kohen in your area.   Choosing your kohen If you have a kohen in the family, a grandfather, a brother-in-law or a cousin kohen,  that…read more

Minhagei Pidyon HaBen

Some customs for the pidyon ceremony; In order to publicize the doing of the mitzvah It is proper to have a minyan present for the פדייה ceremony. But, having a minyan is not a halachic requirement and one needn’t postpone the mitzvah of פדייה (redemption) if a minyan isn’t present. The parents of the bchor…read more

Giving the coins to the kohen

The main part of the mitzvah of Pidyon HaBen is redeeming the bchor yisroel using five silver coins.  But, is it that simple? are there other options for redemption? may the אבי הבן make conditions that the silver coins be returned? may he use cash, check, paypal?, the official website of איגוד הכהנים, wishes…read more

Which firstborn does the kohen redeem?

Pidyon HaBen is a clear מצוות עשה מן התורה, the torah commands bnei yisroel קדש לי כל בכור פטר – כל רחם בבני ישראל “Sanctify to me every firstborn, the first opening of every womb among the children of Israel”. The kohen is thus the direct personal messenger of השם to accept the redemption from the…read more

Mahar”m’s responsa

We conclude that the gift of the foreleg cheeks and abomasum is applicable also outside the land of Israel..we don’t follow Rabbi Elai’s ruling only by reishit hagez and not with the foreleg cheeks and abomasum. Since the talmud dosn’t state “נהוג עלמא” (everybody acts this way) regarding the gifts (of the foreleg, cheeks and…read more

Rabbi Meir of Rothenberg’s stark teshuva

The responsa of Rabbi Meir of Rothenberg concurs that the mitzvah of giving זרוע לחיים וקיבה to the kohen in חוצה לארץ is active; As the foreleg cheeks and abomasum is acted on outside the land of Israel and the entire of congregation Israel will do it. -Rabbi Meir of Rothenberg The great length of Rabbi Meir’s…read more

Rashi’s opinion

What does rashi say about giving these gifts to the kohen outside of ארץ ישראל? did he validate what the stam mishna says? Rashi’s view can be gleaned from his responsa to Rabbi Natan ben Rabbi Machir; ..Who would object (to giving the gifts)? those that give (the gifts, תבא עליהם ברכה. But they’ve accustomed themselves…read more

Can I buy tongue, cheek meat and cholent bones?

Can the kosher consumer purchase tongue, cheek meat and cholent bones at their local kosher butcher? This a important question to be asking;  If the shochet is required to give the foreleg cheeks and abomasum of all kosher slaughtered animals but dosn’t -what is the consumer to do?  should he refrain from buying cattle meat altogether?…read more

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