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Foregoing kehuna privileges

Foregoing kehuna privileges also known as כהן שמחל על כבודו -כבודו מחול, is a familiar concept in halacha. Although a kohen may not absolve himself of the torah restrictions placed on kohanim (such as marrying a divorcee or becoming tamei to the dead etc.), he may choose to forego one or all of the kehuna…read more

A valid disproof of a kohen’s status

How is a kohen demoted in terms of “losing his kehuna”? generally, a kohen who does not abide by the torah restrictions placed on kohanim is only temporarily demoted until he chooses to resume following those rules. In terms of a third-party wishing to disprove a kohen’s status as kohen, things get difficult if not…read more

Pidyon HaBen Certificate

A pidyon certificate is a great way to always remember the special moment of performing this once-in-a-lifetime mitzvah.  Whether you frame it in your son’s room or stow it away for safekeeping, it makes a meaningful heirloom. Our pidon certificate is custom made to include the names and places of your event and prints on…read more

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