Rabbi Ahron HaKohen of Luniel

Rabbi Ahron HaKohen of Luniel lived at Narbonne, and suffered from the expulsion of the Jews in 1306. He emigrated to Majorca, and there, composed his famous work אורחות חיים (The Paths of Life). A compilation of Talmudic laws; the first part of which deals with the laws of the daily prayers, Shabbat, and Yom Tov, (published in Florence in 1752)

Rabbi Ahron’s work is a less strict form of halacha than his more famous contemporary Rabbi Yakov Baal HaTurim in his Shulchan Aruch work, An abridgment of the work, called “Kol Bo”, is a popular work as well.

Link to his literary works

Orchot Chayim of Rabbi Ahron Hakohen of Luniel at Hebrewbooks.org, Vol. 2 אורחות חיים חלק שני לרבינו אהרן הכהן מלוניל

Firenze Edition, 1750 at Hebrewbooks.org

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