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Rambam Yomi -Shabbos Table Publication

Welcome to the landing page of Rabbi Yonason Kahanovich’s weekly Rambam publication.  Below are the links to download each weekly edition in pdf format;   Rambam Yomi 2 Rambam Yomi 3a Rambam Yomi week of Balak 5772 Rambam Yomi Pinchas Rambam Yomi Mattos-Masei A look at the law of Techumim according to Nigleh and Chassidus….read more’s featured silver trumpet is proud to introduce our very own custom made sterling silver trumpet. Our trumpet is hand-crafted from one piece of silver and done לשם מצוות תקיעת בני אהרן בחצוצרות של כסף.   Image gallery   Order your trumpet Please note we are a non-for-profit entity and do not make a profit on this sale….read more

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