Kohen-friendly Cemetery listing

General note: Please consult with your local Orthodox Rabbi for information on kohen-friendly areas in your city

For our incomplete listing of Orthodox-Jewish cemeteries that have availability a designated area near the perimeter of the cemetery for burial-use of kohanim and their close family;



  • Mt. Olive Cemetery – 27855 Aurora Road Solon, OH 44139
  • Bet Olam Cemetery – Beechwood OH
  • B’nai Israel Congregation cemetery 2750 Cromwell Rd 23509 Call or e-mail the shul office for more information: office@bnaiisrael.org or 757-627-7358

Rabbi Leibel Miller (South Florida) can refer you to a limited number of graves suitable for kohanim – he can be contacted a kosherfuneral.com

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