Kohen Certification

Kehuna.org has announced a new initiative kohen muchzak certification – this certificate attests to the authenticity of the said kohen as being muchzak in his kehuna status.

This certificate attests to our verifiable findings according to our ability to research the said kohen ‘s lineage as much as we are able – עד היכן שידינו מגעת – and should not be interpreted as an establishment of kohen meyuchas status.

What is a kohen muchzak?

A kohen muchzak is a kohen who is historically known to his kehilla kedosha as a practicing kohen, more about a kohen muchzak can be read here.

Issuing process

The first step to receiving your kohen muchzak certificate is to register with us, we will then guide you through filling out our questionnaire form and initiate a short interview, Certificates are issued upon review of your form and information.

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