Mishmeret Yehoyariv

Mishmeret Yehoyariv, the first of the 24 mishmarot kehuna are descendants of Elazar ben Ahron. The first bet hamikdash was destroyed during the watch of mishmeret yehoyariv.

Upon Ezra’s return from bavel, kohanim from mishmeret yehoyariv did not join ezra this is evident since the mishmeret isn’t listed among the four mishmarot that arrived with him. It was then decided that when they do arrive, they will be secondary to those four mishmarot that arrived prior.

Descendants of this mishmarah include the glorious bet chashmonai -the maccabees, Yosef Ben Guryon -Yosifun (and his brother Nakdimon Ben Guryon).

After the churban bayit sheni, the mishmeret relocated to meron, more specifically meron hakdumah -the earlier meron.

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