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The Sifra1)1 gives a general rule in skin nega’im is that the nega does not produce an actual raised or lowering of the skin, it merely ‘appears’ that way to the view of the kohen; לכל מראה עיני הכהן. Names are given by the torah for specific shades of נגעי עור and those names are described by rishonim and Torah commentaries;

  1. שאת; white-colored nega
  2. ספחת; Sapachath
  3. בהרת; Bahereth
  4. Michyeh מחיה: an area inside the nega that is healthy
  5. Shchin צרעת השחין
  6. Michve צרעת מכוות האש
  7. Nethek נתק
    1. Head or beard nega
  8. Bokah בוהק
  9. Potuch פתוך
  10. A whitish-reddish nega -tzoraath of the rear scalp נגע לבן אדמדם -צרעת הגבחת
  11. Nega on wool, linen, and leather garments
  12. Pisyon פסיון -the nega’s expansion

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