Kohen greats

Great kohanim have lived and contributed to halacha and torah growth throughout jewish history without much realization that they where in fact kohanim or/and how their kohanic lineage contributed to their torah success.

It is here that we will present biographies on those kohanim who -some more well-known than others- made a significant and popular contribution to torah and judaism. It is here where you will find that precious correlation between kohanim and torah instruction and realize that connection with real kohen personalities.

In composing these articles, we’ve put an eye towards presenting the kohen’s contribution to torah observance and instruction. Whether it was through writing or public-oration, these kohanim made significant contributions to torah growth and are truly attention-deserving to today’s kohen;


Geonim: Rav Shmuel HaKohen ben Chofni Gaon | Rav Ahron HaKohen ben Yosef Gaon Tosafists: Rabbenu Avigdor HaKohen of Vienna Rishonim: Rabbi Ahron HaKohen of Luniel Achronim: Rabbi Ahron HaKohen Perachya | Rabbi Nathan HaKohen Adler Modern day kohen greats: Rabbi Israel HaKohen Kahanovitch | Rabbi Menachem HaKohen Risikoff | Rabbi Avrohom Yaakov HaKohen Pam | Rabbi Mordechai HaKohen Bryski | Rabbi Yoel HaKohen Kahan


Menachem Nussen

I saw your seforim. They are nice. I hope you will continue on. Currently only 8 pesukim are covered.

As far as Cohanim Greats, some recent names come to mind that were omitted.

They are the Ohr Sameach, Chafetz Chaim, The Mahrsham, Rav Kook and Rav Pam.

Hopefully, you will expand this list.

Looking forward to your future publications.

Menachem Nussen

Chaim HaKohen

Greats?.. hmm.. how about Rabbi Meir Kahane.. HY”D.. Rabbi Meir David Ben Yehezkal Shraga Hakohen.. who single handedly took on the Soviet Union to free Russian Jewry… and was not only successful. .but received nary a thank you from the Israeli government or Russian Israel politicians such as Shransky, Liberman etc.. or from any organized Jewish organization.. Orthodox or otherwise.. nor from this website..

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