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Kehuna.org, an affiliate of Igud HaKohanim Inc., is a New York based not-for-profit educational organization that is enthusiastic about making kehuna lively and relevant to today’s generation, and bringing kohanim together on a platform of תורה and מצוות. Igud HaKohanim Inc. is a registered 501(c) (3) not-for profit organization run and managed by kohanim.

President and CEO

  • Rabbi Peretz HaKohen Rivkin

    Rabbi Peretz Rivkin

    Rabbi Peretz Rivkin

Board of directors

  • Rabbi Simcha HaKohen Cohen

    Rabbi Simcha Cohen

  • Rabbi Efrayim HaKohen Katz-Shurpin
  • Rabbi Eli HaKohen Cohen

    הרב אליהו חיים כהן

    Rabbi Eliyahu Chayim Cohen

Rabbinical Advisory Board

  • Rabbi Levi Yitzchok HaKohen Zarchi – Machon Sichos Kodesh

    Rabbi Levi Zarch - Member Rabbinical Advisory Board

    Rabbi Levi Zarchi

What kohanim are saying

keep up your avodas hakodesh – Michoel HaKohen R. Brooklyn NY 14 teves 5773


I would love to see a shiur for Kohanim preparing us to do the Avodah in the Bais Hamikdosh.   Thank you  and keep up the great work!  – A Gezunten Vinter -David HaKohen 10/25/11



Very interesting and inspiring, Thanks! – Sholom M. HaKohen B., Brooklyn, NY 1/14/08


Although I haven’t attended any meetings, I really am interested and Kudos to you for setting this up. – Mendel HaKohen L., New York,, 11/26/07

In the News

5 TOWNS JEWISH TIMES, September 18, 2015: Our Gifts To Kohanim Machberes: Inside The Chassidish And Yeshivish World BY RABBI GERSHON TANNENBAUM –  pages 56-57


nachman kahana

the first goal of any kohanic organization is to encourage its members to leave the tum’at eretz ha’amim and come home to eretz yisrael. it would be absurd that when the bet hamildash will be built that kohanim who lived their whole lives in galut would be kasher to offer up hahsem’s korbanot
without that its טובל ושרץ בידו
nachman kahana


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