Igud HaKohanim/ is a great organization to include in your charitable giving, in addition to being a registered 501-c (3) not-for-profit entity we are the only active kehuna organization that focuses solely on kehuna – this means we care about what we do and take great care to put your donation to its maximum usefulness.


Some of our donors call us the rich man’s charity, this is due to the torah’s promises an exponential return to charitable gifts given to kohanim;

The popular words והריקותי לכם ברכה עד בלי די is said in reference to hashem’s ברכה to bnei yisroel for “recognizing” the kohanim and levi’im; here is the promise that follows;  וּבְחָנוּנִי נָא בָּזֹאת אָמַר ה’ צְבָקוֹת אִם לֹא אֶפְתַּח לָכֶם אֵת אֲרֻבּוֹת הַשָּׁמַיִם וַהֲרִיקֹתִי לָכֶם בְּרָכָה עַד בְּלִי דָי

Generally, testing g-d is viewed dimly by our sages, but in this case, g-d challenges every tzedakah giver; “give it a shot and try me out, and I will open the windows of heaven and heap upon you blessing until more then enough


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