Vetted Kohen Registry

Our Vetted Kohen Listing is a list of current kohanim muchzakim who can be contacted לצורך מצוה whenever a kohen is needed (such as for ברכת כהנים etc.).

If you are a kohen, please take a minute to register with us;

  • Receive priority notification of new video shiurim and not-too-frequent email updates relevant to today’s kohen;
  • Registered kohanim are eligible to use our Pidyon HaBen certificate template for the Pidyon’s they perform. -we will even fill it out for you to print.
  • We will list you in our kohen directory for your area if you are needed for a Pidyon HaBen (unless you tell us not to).
  • Post comments to our many articles and video shiurim


Find-a-kohen is a program ofאיגוד הכהנים where kohanim register to be included on list that is available to those seeking a kohen לצורך מצוה. This includes those needing a kohen for נשיאת כפים, a kohen for a Pidyon HaBen or someone looking to ask a kohen a halachic question about dinnei kehuna.


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