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Of the twenty-four kohanic gifts mentioned in the torah and listed by chazal, eight have applicability even outside the land of Israel with some permitted for consumption by the kohen only outside of Israel.

As a kohen, it is as exciting and important to know the ins and outs of these matanot -especially the מתנה of זרוע לחיים וקיבה- as in addition to being fascinated as to how many nuances many are totally unaware of, there is what to be done to help revive mitzvos that have been completely forgotten about.

Here is a full list of these ten gifts with halachic detail.  The intent of these articles is to educate the kohen reader on how revive these important mitzvot;

  1. Terumah (in chutz l’aretz)
  2. Terumat Maasar
  3. Challah  (in chutz l’aretz)
  4. Reshit HaGez
  5. Zroa, Lechayayim and Keiva
  6. Pidyon HaBen
  7. Pidyon Petter Chamor
  8. Cheromim
  9. Sedei Achuzah
  10. Gezel HaGeir

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