Rabbi Ahron HaKohen Perachya

Rabbi Ahron ben Chayim Avrohom HaKohen Perachya lived at Thessaloniki and functioned there as a Rabbi and Posek. A disciple of Rav Chisdai HaKohen (the author of תורת חסד), Rabbi Ahron often quotes his mentor in his widely known halachic work פרח מטה אהרן. This work was published by his son Ezriel in Amsterdam after his fathers demise in 5457.

The author of the פני משה commentary to Talmud Yerushalmi was said to have engaged in frequent discussion (by way of letters) with Rabbi Ahron. It is said that Rabbi Ahron was independantly wealthy and there where those that described him as כמלאך אלוקים – an angel of G-d.

At the end of his זכרון דברים work, he composed a treatise on the halachic laws of קים לי (the viability of a claimants or defendants reliance on a fringe-halachic opinion).

Literary works

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