Rabbi Avigdor HaKohen of Vienna

Rabbenu Avigdor ben Rabbenu Eliyahu HaKohen Katz a tosafist born is Austria, functioned as Rabbi in Vienna. His brothers where Rabbenu Eliezer HaKohen and Rabbenu Shneur of Neustadt.

A talmid of Rabbi Simcha of Speyer and Rav Elazar ben Shmuel of Verona – apparently his brother in law –  Rabbenu Avigdor later penned a commentary to nevi’im and ketuvim. His commentary to Shir HaShirim has been printed.

Rabbenu Avigdor was also an avid writer of responsa of which are quoted often by the Mordechai, Hagahot Maymoniyot and the Shibulei Leket.


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D.K. Heath

My Hebrew name’s Esther Devorah Bas Mendel Ha-Cohen (Katz) of the family of Nathan and Zeesil Katz Poroskő,CZ. I’m Nathan and Zeesil’s grand daughter.
Since My Dad was Mendel Ha-Kohen (Emil Katz) was a Kohen I found out we were Austrian before Hungary and CZ descent.
Does this mean I’m blood related to Rabbenu Avigdor ben Rabbenu Eliyahu HaKohen Katz?


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